Water Whirl
Brendan about to fight Bivalvan
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 02-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Clearly not a good time... Roy The Roller
Water Whirl is the forth episode of the first season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan fights Bivalvan.

The EpisodeEdit

[Jared is looking angrily at his computer, obviously not happy with Brendan deleting his files.]
Jared: Ah! How do I beat Brendan? He’s always so better than me!
[Suddenly, Jared has an idea!]
Jared: I know! I’ll get a partner! But who?
[Jared looks at the aliens Brendan turned into so far.]
Jared: Right… Hyperspeed can’t go through water without slipping and Tetrahands is slow so…
[Jared decides what to do.]
Jared: I know! I’ll get a water alien as a partner!
[Jared goes to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy with with robot-like aliens that shoot water.]
Jared: Right… Which one to get?
[One of the robot-like aliens accidently shoots water at Jared.]
Bivalvan: Whoops! I didn’t see you there?
Jared: You’ll be great!
Bivalvan: Wait WHAT FOR?
Jared: As a partner!
Jared: Tough you’re still going.
Bivalvan: WHAT THE HECK?
[Jared takes Bivalvan on the ship, and flies off.]
Bivalvan: Why am I with you?
Jared: Because a boy named Brendan told me to?
Bivalvan: What?
Jared: Yeah! He did! He even held me at gun point!
Bivalvan: So this is all his planning?
Jared: Yes!
Bivalvan: Right! I’ll get that boy!
Jared: Good!
Bivalvan: Where is he?

Theme Song

[Brendan is at the Icy Ice Cream store eating ice cream, when suddenly Bivalvan attacks.]
Brendan: Hi Mr. Unsuspecting robot!
Bivalvan: Who are you?
Brendan: Brendan!
Bivalvan: DIE!
[Bivalvan shoots water at Brendan, this doesn’t harm him.]
Brendan: Umm… Other than get me wet, how is this going to kill me?
Bivalvan: Umm… Good point… But anyway, Jared told me you told him to kidnap me!
Brendan: Right! He lied.
Bivalvan: No he didn’t! DIE!
[Bivalvan shoots water at Brendan again, Brendan in retaliation punches the Modelatrix, he turns into Hyperspeed.]
Hyperspeed: Alright dude, prepare to be defeated.
[Bivalvan begins shoots water on the floor, Hyperspeed goes to Bivalvan, but loses balance as he gets there.]
Hyperspeed: Whoa! What the heck?
[Hyperspeed crashes into the wall, in which he gets it out.]
Hyperspeed: I am telling you! I did not tell Jared to get you!
Bivalvan: Lies, Lies, ALL LIES!
[Hyperspeed launches at Bivalvan, who goes flying into a bush.]
Hyperspeed: Ha! Not so tough now are ya?
Bivalvan: Why did you tell Jared to take me from my homeworld?
[Shoots water at Hyperspeed, who dodges]
Hyperspeed: I DIDN’T!
[Shoots water at Hyperspeed, but this time it hits]
Hyperspeed: LISTEN TO ME!
Bivalvan: Why?
[Shoots water at Hyperspeed, who dodges]
Hyperspeed: Because I have the truth!
Bivalvan: As if!
[Shoots water at Hyperspeed, and thus Hyperspeed Surrenders.]
Hyperspeed: WHAT IS UP WITH YOU?
Bivalvan: Sorry! But I don’t speak liar! [He runs off]
Hyperspeed: Grrrrr…


[Bivalvan is seen talking with Jared, while Brendan is spying on him]
Bivalvan: He said he didn’t say he did.
Jared: He’s lying!
Brendan: More like your lying!
Jared: Get him!
Bivalvan: Right!
[Brendan punches the Modelatrix, he turns into Spiritus.]
Spiritus: I wanted Bug Bomber! Not Spiritus!
Jared: HA! You really think you can win?
Spiritus: Yes! If Bivalvan can’t see me, how can he?
[Spiritus goes behind Bivalvan and hits him, while Bivalvan blindly shoots at the air, eventually Bivalvan hits Spiritus, because of this, his Intangibility and Invinsibility have been disabled.]
Spiritus: Oh man that’s cold!
Bivalvan: Well what did you think it would be? Nice and warm?
Spiritus: Well not this cold!
Jared: Yeah… Now kill him!
Spiritus: W-wait! Bivalvan! If I did tell Jared to abduct you, then you should ask him about the conversation!
Jared: What?
Bivalvan: Yeah, what else did you ask him?
Jared: Uhh? Umm…
Bivalvan: You’re stuttering! There’s something amiss here!
Brendan: Yes! Since he can’t tell us, he obviously lied!
Bivalvan: Did you lie to me?
Jared: [sighs], yes, yes I did.
Bivalvan: Why?
Jared: I wanted to kill Brendan for his watch.
Bivalvan: Don’t you know killing is never the answer?
Jared: It’s the question, and the answer is YES!
[Jared uppercuts Bivalvan and runs away.]
Spiritus: I-is he g-gone?
Bivalvan: Yes, he is gone…
Spiritus: Good…

[Back at the Ice cream store, Brendan enjoys the rest of his ice cream while Bivalvan talks to him, with Jared spying on him.]
Jared: Modelatrix, YOU WILL SOON BE MINE!
[Bivalvan looks at the window, he shoots water at Jared.]
Bivalvan: Anyway, I saw a friend of mine earlier before that jerk abducted me saying he was having trouble with a scanner, and do you know what I said?
Brendan: Scan mode on?
[All of a sudden, the Modelatrix starts flashing green and blue, then a voice says UNKNOWN DNA SAMPLE AQUIRED.]
Bivalvan: Umm… What was that?
Brendan: I don’t know…
[Brendan goes through all his aliens and sees Bivalvan’s face on one of the Modelatrix icons, he punches the Modelatrix, he turns into an Orishan! Much to Bivalvan’s shock.]
Bivalvan: Y-your me!
Splashattack: Yeah… [He accidently shoots Bivalvan with water.]
Bivalvan: H-hey! Stop that!
Splashattack: Sorry! [He stops shooting water at Bivalvan.] So “Scan mode on” means I can get any Alien DNA Sample?
Bivalvan: I guess, I didn’t invent it!
Splashattack: Well I guess you should be going now, huh?
Bivalvan: Yeah, everyone might be worried about me!
Splashattack: Well I’ll see you around!
Bivalvan: Okay then bye!
Splashattack: Bye!
[Bivalvan leaves the ice cream shop to make a space ship.]
Splashattack: I don’t know what do now so umm… uhh… THE END!



Bivalvan (first appearance)

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