The Pen Of Creation

The Pen Of Creation is a pen that can make anything happen!


The user writes down these commands, if successful, it will happen.


  • <x> = The main guy
  • <y> = Action
  • <w> = Time period
  • <z> = The others
  • <v> = Item Name
Command Effect First Appearance
<x> will <emotion> The main guy will start feeling that emotion. Impersonation
<x> will <y> <z>. The main guy will do whatever is written to the other(s). Impersonation
<x> will have his own <v> The main guy will get the written object. Impersonation
<x> will <y> for <w> The main guy will do whatever is written for the written amount of time. Page 100
<x> will <z>. The main guy will do whatever is written. Impersonation
<x> until <w> It won't happen until the time period has passed. Pipe Down!
I WANT 4 SOUND The world will be unmuted. Pipe Down!
STAY MUTE The World will be muted. Pipe Down!
<v> will <y> The written item will do whatever is written. Pipe Down!


1: Basic RulesEdit

  • If it is snapped, there will be 2 pen of creations.
  • It can't be destroyed, unless there is another pen of creation.
  • If one of them is destroyed. Anyone who touched that pen of creation will forget it ever existed.

2: PaperEdit

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