The Modelatrix
Brendan modelatrix
Brendan's first time with the Modelatrix.
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 25-06-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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The Modelatrix is the first episode of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan finds the Modelatrix in a parcel.

The EpisodeEdit

[A 14 year old boy that no one understands, named Brendan, comes out of his house, to see a parcel lying in front of him]
Brendan: Ooh! This looks good! I mean it’s not like it’s some sort of alien device or anything? Ha! What are the odds and chances of that happening?
[He takes the parcel and puts it in his room, he has  some video game posters on his walls]
Brendan: Wonder what it could be.
[Brendan opens the parcel, it shows a blue watch like device]
Brendan: Is it some sort of a watch?
[The watch latches onto Brendan’s wrist.
Brendan: Oh god!
[Brendan begins to fiddle with the watch, it shows a holographic interface showing the faces of some aliens.]
Brendan: Right… Some sort of holographic interface…
[The watch’s faceplate slides forward, a core of some sort opens.]
Brendan: Cool!
[Brendan presses down on the faceplate, he begins morphing into a dinosaur like alien, his eyes become yellow, his feet become wheels, he has become a Kineceleran!
Hyperspeed: Oh… W-what the heck?

Theme Song

[Brendan, as Hyperspeed that is, loses his balance and falls over.]
Hyperspeed: Ow… Oh man… Lets just go downstairs.
[Hyperspeed ends up speeding down the stairs.]
Hyperspeed: Wow… If I can go that fast…
[Hyperspeed proceeds to speed up and down the stairs to clean his room.]
Hyperspeed: Wow! I’m so awesome now!
[Hyperspeed proceeds to go out and zoom around the city 5 times before going home.]
Hyperspeed: That… Was… AWESOME!
[The Badge on Hyperspeed’s chest begins to flash red and beep, it then turns Brendan back to normal.]
Brendan: Oh… My, that was so awesome!
[After going through more of the parcel, Brendan finds a “Book about aliens.” He begins to read it, it tells him about the Lepidopterrans, the Pyronites, The Petrosapiens, and the Vulpimancers.]
Brendan: These alien look intresting!
[When Brendan finishes the book, a news flash comes on.]
News Reporter: This just in, A GIANT ROBOT IS ATTACKING THE CITY!
Brendan: Hmm…


[We find Brendan at the city, he sees the robot, blasting away at buildings mindlessly.]
Brendan: Right…
[He goes through the alien faces before he finds a cool one, the faceplate slides open to show the core, he presses it down, he begins to grow more strength ,and theh a second pair of arms sprout out.]

Tetrahands: Wow! Four hands! No wait, TETRAHANDS!
[Tetrahands begins to fight the robot, he tries to remove the disc on top, but the robot flings him into a building.]
Tetrahands: Aw, man.
[Tetrahands begins to try and disarm it, he tries to rip out his eyes so he can’t shoot lazers.]
Tetrahands: Aw yeah, baby!
[The robot grows a second pair of eyes.]
Tetrahands: Of course, that’s so typical.
[The robot shoots Tetrahands out of his way.]
Tetrahands: Okay, WARM UPS OVER!
[Tetrahands, now forces himself to try and remove the disc of top, this time he succeeds, he climbs into the robot, pulling out it’s wires.]
Tetrahands: This should work!
[The robot loses power, it shuts down before blowing up, everyone cheers at Tetrahands.]
[The badge on Tetrahands begins to flash red, it turns him back into Brendan]
News Reporter: Wow! A kid saved the day! Whats your name son?
Brendan: Brendan, this device lets me turn into aliens!
News Reporter: You heard him! Maybe we might see some more aliens from him?
Brendan: Yeah.
[Brendan scrolls through his available aliens, he has 8 more to transform into.]
Brendan: Infact I have 9 more you have yet to see!
News Reporter: This just in, WE HAVE A NEW SUPER HERO!
[Everyone cheers again, suddenly, an evil villain looks down at Brendan.
Evil Villain: My work will some be complete!


Aliens UsedEdit

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