The Emergency Alien
Serena and Bellicus carrying out a motion.
Season 2, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 18-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Plumber's Patrol Impersonation
The Emergency Alien is the forteenth episode altogether and is the first episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan unlocks a Celestialsapien.

The EpisodeEdit

[Brendan and co. leave Plumbers HQ after being shown around off screen.]
Brendan: I can’t believe we’re plumbers!
Roy: I know!
Galapagus: I wonder what will happen next?
[Jared attacks.]
Jared: Mwahahahahha! I’ve decided to send 2 ninjas to kill you!
Brendan: Whatever! [Turns into Smashhound.]
Smashhound: RORAORAROR! [Launches at the 2 ninja, they dodge him…]
Roy: Hold on Brendan! [Turns into an Arburian Pelarota and rolls into the ninjas, who also dodge Roy.]
Galapagus: Brendan! Get on my back!
[Smashhound gets on Galapagus’s back, Galapagus lifts Smashhound into the air, and then Smashhound jumps onto one of the ninjas. Who becomes defeated, Smashhound turns back into Brendan.]
Brendan: That was close!
[The ninja throws a bomb at Brendan, but it misses, and hits a water pipe, which breaks open and begins to flood the city.]
Brendan: All those people! [He’s about to punch the Modelatrix, until the words “CELESTIALSAPIEN UNLOCKED, ADDED TO PLAYLIST 2]
[Galapagus gasps in horror, and Roy glares at him.]


Galapagus: Try and be sensible Brendan, Do not use that alien!
Brendan: Oh come on! What could possibly go wrong? [He punches the Modelatrix, and turns into a black creature with white spots and blue eyes.]
[The Emergency Alien makes a perfect circle, and makes it so the pipe breakage never happened, meanwhile, Roy has just taken out the other ninja.]

[In the body of The Emergency Alien, Brendan is staring at two blue faces, Serena and Bellicus.]
Brendan: That was cool! Quick how do I make other stuff happen?
Serena: You have to vote for it…,I am Serena, the voice of passion and happiness.
Bellicus: And I am Bellicus, the voice of anger and aggression, and YOUR meant to be the voice of reason! We’ve cut you some slack since your new!
Brendan: Right...
Bellicus: Now let’s try this stupid voting system… I move that we save the dinosaurs from the meteor.
Serena: But that will kill all life on earth!
Brendan: I know… That’s why I want it on a different planet.
Serena: Yes! That way, all the humans can still live their normal lives!
Bellicus: Fine by me…
Serena: Seconded.
Bellicus: Motion carried!
[Galapagus and Roy see an explosion, and a planet full of dinosaurs appear.]
Brendan: Right! Now, I move that umm… Wow! So many things that I could do…
Bellicus: HURRY IT UP!
Brendan: I move that Justin Bieber will be turned into stone!
Serena: Why? He hasn’t hurt anyone?
Bellicus: [Referring to Justin Bieber being turned into stone.] Works for me… Seconded!
Serena: Motion carried.
[In another scene, Justin Bieber is in a concert, he automaticly gets turned into stone…]
Galapagus: [Obviously growing bored.] Is Brendan done yet

[Back in The Emergency Alien’s body.]
Brendan: I move that you let me turn back so I can see my friends again!
Bellicus: Motion denied! I move that we teleport your friends to glitch city!
Brendan: What?
Serena: Seconded!
Brendan: [In a I hate this job tone of voice.] Fine! Motion carried.
[Galapagus and Roy are teleported to Glitch city.]
Galapagus: Oh no!
Brendan: I move you put my friends back! They didn’t do anything wrong!
Serena: Seconded!
Bellicus: Motion carried.
[They are teleported back.]
Brendan: You can’t do that to my friends!
Serena: We warp reality as you know it.
Bellicus: And you can’t stop us!
Brendan: I move that you turn me back!
Bellicus and Serena: NO!
Brendan: Fine! I move that Bellicus moves to turn me back!
Bellicus: Seconded! Wait what?
Serena: Motion carried!
Bellicus: I move that we turn Brendan back into a human!
Brendan: Seconded!
Serena: Ohh… Okay then… Motion carried…
[The Modelatrix symbol on the Emergency Alien Turns red, he turns into a human…]
Galapagus: Your back!
Roy: What was it like?
Brendan: It wasn’t worth it…
Galapagus: Exactly…
[Brendan and his friends begin to walk home…]
Brendan: Hey Galapagus, did you know your species can do magic?
Galapagus: Really?
Roy: Apparently…



Aliens usedEdit

The Emergency Alien (first appearance)

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