The Attack Of Jared
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 29-06-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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The Modelatrix Clearly not a good time...
The attack of Jared is the second episode of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan fights Jared.

The EpisodeEdit

[Jared is in a warehouse, he is building a gun of some sort.]
Jared: Why is Brendan suddenly so popular? Is it because he has something that I don’t?
[Jared remembers why]
Jared: Oh yeah! Because of that thing on his wrist! Now how did it work again?
[The TV Illuminates, and shows a video of Brendan and an evil caped man fighting in a field, Brendan punches the Modelatrix, he turns into a small bug creature.]
Bug Bomber: [Facepalm] Whats… The… POINT OF THIS ALIEN? AAAAGH!
[Bug Bomber then spits out a plasma ball.]
Bug Bomber: Great, now what do I do? Balance on this thing?
[Bug Bomber falls off the ball and lands flat on his face.]
[The plasma ball hits the evil caped man, the ball explodes, but the man survives.]
Bug Bomber: Oh ho! YOU ARE SO DEAD!
[Bug Bomber proceeds to make a bigger plasma ball, but the caped man kicks Bug Bomber who crashes into a wall.]
Bug Bomber: OW! At least I still have my ball!
[The Man kicks it into the wall. Bug Bomber gasps in horror.]
[The ball explodes, launching Bug Bomber on the otherside of the field.]
Bug Bomber: And there goes my ball… [Sighs] But I still need to continue fighting!
[Bug Bomber proceeds to make another ball.]
Bug Bomber: Time to get your butt kicked!
[Bug Bomber launches the ball! It hits the man, defeating him.]
Bug Bomber: Yes! YESSS! YEEESSSSS!
[The badge on Bug Bomber’s Chest begins to glow red, he turns back into Brendan.]
News Reporter: This just in, BRENDAN SAVED THE DAY AGAIN!
Jared: Oh, of course… THAT’S HOW IT WORKS! Soon, Brendan will just be an average kid that no one understands.

Theme Song

News Reporter: What alien did you use?
Brendan: I’ll call it Bug Bomber!
News Reporter: This just in, Brendan has a new alien! Bug Bomber!
Brendan: Are you always gonna say “This just in”?
News Reporter: YES!
Brendan: Okay then…
News Reporter: Okay then, so um… What are you gonna do now?
News Reporter: Can I come?
Brendan: No.

[End Scene]

[We find Brendan at home, watching Fairly odd parents, Brendan then suddenly gets a visitor, It’s Jared.]
Brendan: We don’t give money, or donate to charities, or- [Jared interrupts.]
Jared: I don’t want that, I want YOUR WATCH!
[Brendan stares at him for a few seconds, and then slams the door in Jared’s face.]
Jared: I just want to look at it!
[Brendan opens the door, he shows Jared how it works.]
Brendan: All you have to do is turn it on, it’ll show a holographic interface, then the faceplate will open and show the core, punch it and bammo! You’re an alien!
Jared: Right… BYE!
[But Jared had scanned Brendan’s Modelatrix and it was sent to his computer, he was laughing evilly.]

End Scene

[Jared is at his warehouse.]
Jared: Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’ll now use this data to re-create the Modelatrix!
[Brendan was hearing this through the window and he jumped through.]
Brendan: Alright Buzz brain! Time to be defeated!
Jared: Oh really? Let’s see then!
[Brendan punches the Modelatrix’s core as usual, he began mutating as usual, his skull becoming upside down, and everything on him becoming white! He had become an Ectornurite!
Spiritus: Oh, this is new…
Jared: Bring it!
[Jared begins to try and punch Spiritus, but Spiritus becomes intangible, thus making Jared miss.]
Jared: Damn! I’ll get you now!
[Spiritus throws Jared out of the window, but Jared jumps back in and kicks Spiritus]
Jared: Oh look! If it isn’t the ghost that lost to me!
Spiritus: Oh… Fell over… Eh? [Spiritus becomes intangible.] I never thought I’d say this but… umm… Uh… Ah forget it!
[Spiritus punches Jared, he then carries Jared to the roof.]
Spiritus: Say goodnight! LOSER!
[Spiritus drops Jared, he falls flat on his face.]
Jared: I’m not done yet! [Throws orange juice on Spiritus.]
Spiritus: Oh man…
Jared: Take this! [Jared proceeds to beat up Spiritus, who then becomes defeated.]
Spiritus: Oww… [His badge starts to flash red, he transforms back to Brendan.]
Jared: Looks like I win!
Brendan: Not really! I just deleted all your data you scanned.
Jared: When?
Brendan: Before you entered!
Jared: Oh… Is that so?
Brendan: Yes.
Jared: Oh… Dammit!
Brendan: Well I best be going home…
[Brendan walks away…]
Jared: I’ll just scan it again, I mean hey? At least I know how it works now!



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