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Spoiling Spoilers!Edit

Chapter 07: The Nugget BridgeEdit

Brendan crosses the Nugget Bridge, after winning a few matches, Brendan's Pidgey evolves into a Pidgeotto.

Chapter 08: Let's set base!Edit

Knowing that the next Pokémon Center is far away, Brendan sets camp for the first time.

Chapter 09: Growlithe the Puppy Pokémon!

Brendan finds an abandoned Growlithe... Edit

Chapter 10: Violence in Vermilion City Edit

An evil gang lead by a guy named Tony starts causing trouble in Vermilion City by bullying Pokémon Trainers and their Pokémon.

Chapter 10: Battle aboard the St. Anne

Brendan goes on the St. Anne, stuff happens when Team Rocket makes the ship sink...

Chapter 11: Pokémon Shipwreck! Edit

Everyone escapes the ship but Brendan and Team Rocket, the ship is way deep in the sea bed.

Chapter 12: Edit

Chapter OrreEdit

Brendan will enter Orre as a fugitive.

Brendan will enter The Grand Multi-Region Coliseum after the Kalos arc.


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