Nuclear Attack
P'andor being freed.
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 13-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Nuclear Attack is the seventh episode of the first season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan fights P'andor

The EpisodeEdit

[A guy is trying to get an alien out of an oven-like suit, this alien is called P’andor]
P’andor: Why isn’t it working?
Guy: I don’t know… What is your suit made of?
P’andor: I don’t know!
Jared: But I do! [He walks in.]
P’andor: Aren’t you that guy who’s been abducting aliens to kill this so-called average kid that no one understands?
Jared: Yes! And if I let you out of your suit, you must kill Brendan, capice?
P’andor: I don’t care about you nor Brendan, just get me out of this suit!
Jared: Then we don’t have a deal? FINE! [He storms off, leaving a piece of Taedenite behind him by accident.]
P’andor: Taedenite! This might do it!
[He slashes the suit with the Taedenite, it opens the suit, releasing him.]
P’andor: YES! NOW I’M FREE!


[Brendan and Jared are at a baseball stadium.]

Brendan: [Punches the Modelatrix to turn into Tetrahands.]
Tetrahands: Allright! Let’s do this!
Roy: [sighs], why do I see this as I bad idea? [He turns into his Arburian Pelarota form.]
Tetrahands: Because I’m here?
Roy: Nah, it’s probably nothing… [He begins to roll to Tetrahands, Tetrahands punches Roy so hard he begins bouncing all over the place.]
Tetrahands: [While dodging] whoa! Ah!
Roy: I knew this was a bad idea!
Tetrahands: Relax! What can possibly go wrong?
[Just then, P’andor blows up a segment of the stadium. Roy goes right through him.]
Roy: Brendan! Now look what you made me do!
Tetrahands: You didn’t do that!
Roy: Then who did?
P’andor: I did!
Tetrahands: Time to die! Jerk!
Roy: Brendan! He’s made out of radioactive material! Touching him would not be a good idea!
Tetrahands: Right… In that case… RUN!
[Tetrahands and Roy begin running away from P’andor!]
Roy: How is this going to help?
Tetrahands: [Turns back into Brendan.]
Brendan: I don’t know… But all I know is he’ll kill us! I need an alien with projectiles! [He looks at the Modelatrix, it’s in recharge mode.]
Brendan: Aw man! That’s not good!
Roy: What? Your watch isn’t working>
Brendan: Yep!
Roy: Great! Now what do we do?
Brendan: [Looks behind him, then looks at Jared.] We camp out here until the Modelatrix recharges.]
Roy: Brendan that isn’t going to work!
Brendan: Yes it will!
Roy: No it won’t!
[The Modelatrix recharges.]
Brendan: Yes it will!
Roy: ARGH!
[P’andor comes running to Brendan and Roy, Brendan punches the Modelatrix. He turns into Bug Bomber.]
[Bug Bomber makes a ball, he launches it at P’andor, this has no effect.]
Bug Bomber: Well maybe if I had Chillax I would have won by now!
Roy: Yeah, because an alien that can shoot ice can win!
Bug Bomber: You don’t know that!
Roy: Whatever! [He grabs hold of Bug Bomber and rolls away.]


[Brendan is at an abandoned warehouse. He sees the News Reporter on TV.]
News Reporter: This just in! The nuclear power plant is being drained! If Brendan doesn’t stop this! WERE DOOMED!
Assistant: And how are we?
News Reporter: I don’t know, I just wanna be dramatic.
Brendan: Oh no!
Roy: Let’s go!

[They appear at the Power plant. P’andor has sucked it dry.]
P’andor: Yes, YES! MORE POWER!
Brendan: What more could you possibly want?
P’andor: Your other power plants!
Brendan: Not if I can help it! [He punches the Modelatrix, he turns into an ogre-like alien with a giant helmet, he takes the helmet off.]
P’andor: AAHHH!
AAHHH: That’s a good name!
Roy: [Behind AAHHH], Brendan what are you doing?
AAHHH: [Looks at roy]
Roy: AAHHH! GO AWAY! TAKE MY MONEY [Throws some quarters at Brendan.] TAKE MY EVERYTHING!
AAHHH: Calm down, do I have something in my teeth?
AAHHH: Right! [He looks at P’andor.]
P’andor: AAHHH!
AAHHH: Go back in your suit!
P’andor: Why? What will you do to me if I don’t?
AAHHH: I’ll stay in this alien form.
P’andor: AAHHH!
Roy: Here! [He throws the suit to AAHHH!, P’andor hides in there so he can stay away from AAHHH!, [Brendan is seen later as Tactical Nuke, who was added Offscreen, he welds P’andor’s suit back together using his fire powers.]
Tactical Nuke: Don’t you ever go out of there again!
P’andor: I DON’T CARE!
Roy: You will in a minute! Now why are you here?
P’andor: I just wanted to get out of my suit, so I flew to Earth via a space ship which I crashed.
Tactical Nuke: What ship?
P’andor: I don’t know!
Bivalvan: [Off screen.] But we do!
[Bivalvan and Galapagus are shown with 2 destroyed space ships.]
Bivalvan: He crashed his Spaceship on the one we were building.
Galapagus: Umm… Brendan.
Bivalvan: [Interrupts Galapagus.] We were almost done and then he crashed it on ours!
P’andor: And?
Bivalvan: AND? Do you know how much we’ve been set back? TWO DAYS OF WORK! TWO DAYS I COULD HAVE BEEN SPENDING WITH MY FAMILY RIGHT NOW!
Galapagus: Brendan I…
P’andor: [In A “I Hate this world” tone of voice.]  Fine… I’m sorry…
Bivalvan: Good, now why don’t you help us with our spaceship?
P’andor: FINE! [Storms to Bivalvan and Galapagus]
Galapagus: Brendan?
Tactical Nuke: Yes?
Galapagus: I’m still umm... thinking about joining you…
Roy: Okay…
Galapagus: But we should really stop meeting like this, huh?
Tactical Nuke: Yeah…
[Bivalvan, Galapagus and P’andor leave, Tactical Nuke and Roy begin to leave as well…]



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