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17:19 25 January 2015 Edit

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A sad day for this wiki Edit

Hello! I have decided to make an RPG Maker game! more details will be released soon!

Also, Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix has been cancelled, as I have lost interest in Ben 10, also, due to loss of data, Brendan and the Thousand Year Door and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Brendan's Rescue Team has been cancelled, but I will be trying to remake it, finally, Brendan's Pokémon Adventure has more chapters!


16:15 6 June 2014: Show updates...Edit

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Regarding Brendan, wielder of the ModelatrixEdit

And Brendan's Pokémon AdventureEdit

Something unfortunate...Edit

16:15 15 Febuary 2014: Show updates...Edit

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The New episode of Brendan, Wielder of the ModelatrixEdit

Brendan, wielder of the modelatrix has had no updates since August 2013, this is because I think I have no idea where to go next, because I treated myself to too many transformations, in the next episode, Brendan will go corrupt with power, forcing Azmuth to deactivate the Modelatrix temporarily and remove 2/3 of Brendan's aliens, if I don't do this by June, the series is cancelled.

Brendan's Pokémon Adventure, new episode.Edit

i haven't really spent much time with this one... So I will write the next episode soon...

Brendan's Rescue TeamEdit

I lost the script, so I'll have to rewrite it...

Brendan and the Thousand Year DoorEdit

May become an actual game.

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