Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle!
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14
Status Modelatrix Alien
Physical attributes
Height 5.00ft
Weight 11.60 stone
Mr. Turtle is the Modelatrix's DNA Sample of Galapagus.


He looks like 16-year old Terraspin but his eyes are blue and the Modelatrix symbol is on his chest.


He can go in his shell and use his limbs to shoot wind.

He can also fly in the air using his limbs to shoot wind.


If anything covers the holes in his chest, his wind powers will be decreased.

If anything prevents the movements of his arms and legs, he wind powers will be decreased even further.

He has to turn around 180 degrees just to see behind him.

He cannot use magic or manipulate mana.



  • Mr. Turtle was named by a 9 year old girl.
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