Jared is the villain from Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix he is a Human from the planet Earth and as a Villain of Death, he represents hatred.


He has yellow hair, orange skin, green shirt and a dark green pair of pants, he also wears brown shoes.


Brendan fought Jared in the episode The Attack Of Jared, he tried to scan the Modelatrix and recreate it, but Brendan secretly deleted the data off it, he has decided to try doing it again.

Jared abducted Bivalvan in the episode Water Whirl where he told Bivalvan that Brendan told him to, and later on in the episode Bivalvan realises the truth, and thus, was defeated once again!

Jared first met Roy in Roy The Roller, he fought Roy and Smashhound but Roy accidently knocked out him and Smashhound.

He then abducted Galapagus and put a mind control headband on him in order to fight Brendan and Roy, he was defeated shortly after.

After more failed attempts to kill Brendan, Vilgax decides to get the Modelatrix from Brendan himself.

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