Jared weilder of the modelatrix
Wait? This can't be right? Can it?
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 19-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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The Emergency Alien Pipe Down!
Impersonation is the fifteenth episode altogether and is the second episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Jared recreates the Modelatrix with the Pen of creation and uses it to impersonate Brendan.

The EpisodeEdit

[Jared is seen exploring a temple.]
Jared: This is it!
[He goes in, after a few traps, such as poison darts, magma and arrows, he reaches a glowing pen.]
Jared: YES! IT’S ALL MINE! [He collects it, then a boulder comes and chases him, he outruns it.]
Jared: I now wield the pen of creation!


[Brendan, Galapagus and Roy are at the Ice cream store.]
Galapagus: So your saying I can do magic?
Brendan: Yep! I read it in the ALD!
Roy: ALD?
Brendan: Alien Life Form Database!
[Jared is seen hiding in a bush.]
Jared: So how do I use this? Do I just write stuff down?
[He writes down “This is so boring…”]
Jared: This is so boring… [He covers his mouth.]
[Jared looks at the Pen of Creation, and evilly grins.]
Brendan: You know… I’m bored…
[Jared writes down “Roy will become grumpy.”
Roy: Whatever… Like I should care…
Brendan: Hey, I’m just saying…
Roy: Well you shouldn’t.
Jared: Mwahahahaha! [Writes down Roy will get in a fight with Galapagus.]
[Roy turns into his Arburian Pelarota form and half-heartedly launches himself at Galapagus, making him crash into a tree.]
Brendan: Roy, what’s gotten into you?
Roy: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! [Continues to launch himself at Galapagus.]
Jared: Laughing evilly. [Realises that Brendan is staring at him.]
Brendan: Jared! What evil thing are you planning this time?
Jared: Sorry, just found The Pen of Creation! Whatever I write will really happen!
[Brendan realises what he was doing.]
Brendan: Can I have a turn?
Jared: Sure! NOT!
Brendan: Okay…
[Roy continues to launch himself to Galapagus, until Galapagus begins crying.]
Galapagus: OKAY! STOP! PLEASE!
Roy: Do you surrender?
Galapagus: YES! JUST STOP! [Bursts into tears.]
Roy: That’s what I thought. [Kicks sand in Galapagus’s face.]
Brendan: [Sees Roy coming back.] You feeling better now?
Roy: Yeah… For some reason, I just had this urge to severely hurt Galapagus.
Brendan: And I think I know why… [Shows Roy the Pen of Creation.]
Roy: Was he, controlling me?
Jared: No!
Roy: Oh no! I’ve gotta apologise to Galapagus!


[Brendan, Roy and Galapagus are going home.]
Galapagus: How are we going to stop Jared?
Roy: I know… He can manipulate us at any time…
Brendan: Why don’t we do some research?
Galapagus: Sounds good to me!

[In Jared’s house, he writes down “Jared will have his own Modelatrix.”]
Jared: MWAHAHAHHA! NOW I HAVE MY OWN MODELATRIX! But before I try and kill Brendan, I’ll ruin his friendships!

[Jared walks to Brendan’s house, he hides In a bush when he sees Brendan turn into Starrydactyl, Roy looks at this evilly. When he sees Galapagus and Roy enter the house, he turns into Evil Starrydactyl, who knocks on the door.]
Galapagus: [Brendan, did you forget something?]

[The next moment, Evil Starrydactyl is seen making Galapagus and Roy do 1000 push ups.]
Galapagus: Must… Keep… Joy… Of… Being… Brendan’s… Partner…
[Then Evil Starrydactyl is laid on a Black Wood Piano with tons of sheets. Galapagus and Roy are seen carrying it up the staircase.]
Roy: What’s gotten into Brendan?
Galapagus: I have no idea…
[At the top, Galapagus and Roy drop the piano nicely, they both lie down and start breathing heavily.]
Galapagus: I can’t go on like this!
Roy: I can’t feel my legs!
[Suddenly, Brendan is seen walking home with two Galvans, Blukic and Driba.]
Brendan: I hate having to make homes for homeless aliens.
Driba: Look on the bright side! You made quite a lot of cash!
Blukic: That he lost because it had to go to Plumbers HQ.
Driba: And… That means they’ll have a stronger budget!
Blukic: For what?
Driba: Weapons!
Blukic: And what kind of weapons?
Driba: Maybe a gun that can shoot through Taedenite? Or… Or…
Blukic: And then what? Weapons that will probably make us useless.
Driba: You’re just jealous!
Blukic: Am not!
Driba: Are too!
Blukic: Am not!
Driba: Are too!
Blukic: Am not!
Driba: Are too!
Brendan: Quiet! I’m home!

[In the house. Galapagus and Roy decide they’ve had enough!]
Galapagus: That’s it! I’ve had it with you!
Roy: We quit being you partner!
Brendan: [offscreen] I’m back!
Galapagus: Wait a minute. If I heard Brendan over there, then who are you?
[Evil Starrydactyl turns back into Jared.]
Roy: Jared?
Jared: That’s right!
Brendan: Jared’s here?
Jared: Yep! [Turns into Evil Mr. Turtle.]
Brendan: Whatever! [Turns into Drill Dude.]
Drill Dude: Well Shockerfish would have been nice…
Evil Mr. Turtle: Prepare to die! [Blows wind at Drill Dude, who drills into the floor.]
[Evil Mr. Turtle turns into Evil Burning Bush, Drill Dude turns into Splashattack.]
Splashattack! Come on down here if you dare!
Evil Burning Bush: No! Die! [Tries to burn Splashattack, but fails.]
Splashattack: I’m a water alien you idiot!
Evil Burning Bush: In that case [Turns into Evil Shockerfish.]
[Splashattack turns into Spiritus, who flies up. Evil Shockerfish tries to shock Spiritus, but fails due to intangibility.]
Spiritus: Na! Na! Na Na Na!
Evil Shockerfish: [Throws water onto Spiritus.]
Spiritus: Ugh… [Turns into Bug Bomber.]
Bug Bomber: Why don’t we stop fighting and, I don’t know… Play some video games?
Evil Shockerfish: Because I don’t have a console!
Bug Bomber: Oh… [Makes a plasma ball and launches it at Evil Shockerfish, who turns into Evil Spiritus at the last second and turns intangible, it blows up a door instead.]
Evil Spiritus: HAHAHAHAHHA!
Bug Bomber: Grr… [Turns into Hyperspeed.]
Hyperspeed: Let’s see you deal with speed!
Evil Spiritus: [Turns into Evil Tetrahands.]
[Evil Hyperspeed dashes to Evil Tetrahands, in order to make a speed circle and make him dizzy, but Evil Tetrahands punches Hyperspeed in the stomach.]
Hyperspeed: Oww… I’m gonna feel that one in the morning!
[Evil Tetrahands turns into Evil AAHHH, while Hyperspeed turns into AAHHH!]
[Offsceen, their cages open, the screams of AAHHH, Evil AAHHH, Galapagus and Roy are heard. Then offscreen Brendan turns into Time Man while Jared turns into Evil Splashattack. When they are shown, Galapagus can be seen hiding In his shell and Roy is curled up into a ball as his Arburian Pelarota form.]
Time Man: This won’t be over until one of our batteries run out!
Evil Spashattack: That’s why I’m going to kill you first! [Shoots water at Time Man, who turns into Starrydactyl.]
Starrydactyl: Thank you! [tries to catch breath.] I really need to cool, [breathes.] down. [Squawks.]
Evil Splashattack: Oh? In that case! [Turns into Evil Tactical Nuke. He heats the room up.]
Starrydactyl: Stop… Please…
[Galapagus uses his wind powers to try and cool Starrydactyl down, however it isn’t enough, as Starrydactyl soon faints from the heat.]
Evil Tactical Nuke: Yes! I killed him! Finally!
Roy: No you haven’t! [Grabs the Pen Of Creation and re-awakens Starrydactyl. And removes the Modelatrix from Jared, who turns back into human.]
Jared: Gimme that! [Writes down “Galapagus will cry”, Galapagus then bursts into tears.]
Roy: What was that for?
Jared: I dunno! [Takes a picture on his camera of Galapagus crying and shows it to him.] One for you! And one for the internet! [He makes Galapagus wear a ballerina dress while crying and takes a picture.]
Jared: HAHAHHAHAH! [Leaves.]
Starrydactyl: Jared!
Roy: No! Your still recovering!
Galapagus: [Stopped crying.] We’ll get Jared and the Pen of Creation from him!
Starrydactyl: How? Will it fall out of his pocket?
Roy: Maybe! But what are the chances of that happening?



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