Ra'ad being freed.
Season 1, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date 16-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Electrifying is the tenth episode of the first season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan fights Ra'ad.

The EpisodeEdit


Jared: Thanks to Brendan, Now I’ve earned a reputation of abducting aliens to kills this kid! Now what do I do?
Jared: I know! I’ll steal another one for the fun of it!
[He goes to a planet with jellyfish like aliens called Amperis.]
Amperi #1: OH NO! IT’S JARED!
[Everyone glares at Jared, voices of “Really?”, “No, it can’t be!” can be heard.]
Amperi #2: RUN!
[Everyone runs away. But one stays, this one is called Ra’ad.]
Ra’ad: What do you want with us?
Jared: I need you to…
Ra’ad: Kill this boy, look, just why don’t you kill him yourself?
Jared: I can’t.
Ra’ad:  [Sighs in a “I hate this world” tone.] Where is he?
Jared: On earth.
Ra’ad: Fine, but if I do this you have to promise you’ll let the other 3 aliens back on their respective planets.
Jared: Right.
Ra’ad: I hate this job...


Hyperspeed: I love fighting you sometimes!
Mysterious Caped Man: Why?
Hyperspeed: I dunno… It’s just funny to hurt you…
Mysterious Caped Man: Ugh… Let’s just get this over with!
[Hyperspeed circles around The Mysterious Caped Man, he becomes dizzy enough to be arrested.]
Hyperspeed: Yes! I win again.
Roy: You mean “we” did it?
Hyperspeed: Sorry… [Turns back into Brendan.]
Roy: Wanna look around for rogue aliens?
Brendan: Yeah!


[Brendan and Roy walk into an abandoned warehouse with an containment cell.]
Brendan: Cool! Awesome warehouse!
Roy: Yeah…
[Ra’ad comes in.]
Ra’ad: Are you Brendan?
Brendan: No.
Roy: Yes.
Brendan: ROY!
[Ra’ad Shoots lightning at Brendan, Brendan dodges and turns into Eyeclops.]
[Ra’ad continues to shoot lightning at Brendan, who dodges everyone but the last, he falls over.]
Eyeclops: Ow!
[Roy turns into his Arburian Pelarota form, he launches at Ra’ad, who hits a wall behind him, Roy continues to do this until Ra’ad is Knocked unconscious.]
Eyeclops: Thanks Roy! [Turns back into Brendan.]
Roy: Hey, What are friends for?


[Ra’ad is in the containment cell, Brendan and Roy are playing Go-Fish.]
Brendan: Got any 3s?
Roy: Umm…
[Ra’ad comes to.]
Brendan: Do you know what I’ve always wanted to say to you?
Ra’ad: What?
Brendan: SCAN MODE ON!
[The Modelatrix begins flashing Green and blue, then a voice says UNKNOWN DNA SAMPLE AQUIRED AND ADDED TO PLAYLIST 2.]
Ra’ad: What did you do?
Brendan: I scanned your DNA.
Ra’ad: What does that mean?
Brendan: I can transform into you.
Ra’ad: Oh… Right…
Roy: What about our game?
Brendan: Not now...
Ra’ad: Hey can I go to the bathroom?
Brendan: Sure! [He lets Ra’ad out.]
[Ra’ad lunges at Brendan, who punches the Modelatrix and turns into Ra’ad.]
Shockerfish: But I thought you had to go!
Ra’ad: I LIED! [Shoots electric at Shockerfish.]
Shockerfish: Why would you want to kill me anyway? [Dodges]
Ra’ad: To get those other aliens out of custody!
Shockerfish: Umm… What custody?
Ra’ad: Wait, what?
Shockerfish: Apparently those “hostages” building a spaceship to get home.
Ra’ad: Oh…
Roy: Wanna play pass the ball for no reason?
Ra’ad: Sounds good to me!
[Shockerfish, Ra’ad, and Roy begin to throw a beach ball to each other, this only goes on fot 5 seconds before Jared comes in.]
Ra’ad: Quick! Play dead!
[Shockerfish plays dead.]
Jared: Well done!
Ra’ad: Will you release the aliens now?
Jared: Well life is full of disappointments Ra’ad, NO!
Ra’ad: But you promised!
[Roy drags Shockefish out of the room]
Roy: You okay Brendan?
[Shockerfish turns back into Brendan.]
Brendan: Yeah.
Ra’ad: [Notices Brendan is gone.] That’s funny, I lied too! [Shoots electric at Jared, knocking him unconscious.]
Ra’ad: You can come in now!
Brendan: Good! [Comes in.]
Ra’ad: So umm… Where was this spaceship again?
Brendan: I dunno… Bivalvan never told me the location.
Ra’ad: Well I’m sure I can find it myself.
Roy: See you later!
Ra’ad: Bye!
Brendan: Bye!



Aliens UsedEdit

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