Down in Undertown!
Season 2, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date 30-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Down in Undertown is the twenty-forth episode altogether and is the eleventh episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan enters undertown for the first time.

The EpisodeEdit

Brendan: Where do you wanna go today?
Galapagus: Why don’t we go Down in Undertown?
Roy: What’s undertown?
Galapagus: It’s an underground alien city!
Brendan: Cool!
Galapagus: Yeah!
Roy: Why don’t we go there?
Galapagus: Sounds good to me!


[Brendan, Galapagus and Roy are in a city with thousands of aliens.]
Brendan: Were Down in Undertown!
Galapagus: I know!
Roy: Let’s go talk to the locals!
[Brendan meets a Pyronite]
Pyronite: Hey!
Brendan: Hey!
Pyronite: Don’t touch me I’m hot!
Brendan: Okay!
[Galapagus meets a Polar Manzardill.]
Polar Manzardill: Hey!
Galapagus: Hey!
Polar Manzardill: Don’t touch me I’m cold!
Galapagus: Okay!
[Roy meets a Celestialsapien.]
Roy: Umm… Hello?
[Celestialsapien falls over.]
Roy: Umm… Bye?
[They are walking through undertown.]
Brendan: What else do you wanna do?
Galapagus: I don’t know…
Roy: Wanna annoy everyone?
Brendan: SURE!
[A montage goes on showing Brendan using Splashattack to drench all the fire aliens, Galapagus is blowing wind into the faces of some aliens, while Roy is doing an annoying sound that only Arburian Pelarotas can do, in front of Vulpimancers!]
Brendan: That was fun!
[Then all the aliens come.]
Brendan: Hi!
Pyronite: DIE! [They charge at Brendan, in which the latter and his friends leave]
Galapagus: Why did you think that was a good idea?
Roy: I have no idea…
[Then the Mysterious Caped Man, holding a nuclear bomb, goes into Undertown!]
Brendan: Oh no!
Galapagus: They’ll destroy Undertown!
Roy: Quick! Let’s defeat him!
Brendan: Yeah!


Roy: Ready?
Brendan: Ready!
[Brendan runs into the Mysterious Caped Man and turns into Mr. Turtle.]
Mr. Turtle: Great… This won’t end well.
Mysterious Caped Man: Your right!
Mr. Turtle: [blows wind into The Mysterious Caped Man’s face, the latter resists and defeats Mr. Turtle.]
Mr. Turtle: Darn it!
Galapagus: Brendan I’m coming! Shoots a Mana crystal at The Mysterious Caped Man, he falls unconscious.
Roy: [Gets the nuclear bomb and somehow throws it into the sea.]
Galapagus: We did it!
Roy: Yeah!


[The Mysterious Caped man is being arrested.]
Brendan: Umm… I’m sorry…
Pyronite: Dude… We forgive you, but only because you saved us…
Polar Manzardill: But why did you hurt us!
Roy: Eh he he…
Brendan: [Points at Roy.] He told us to!
Roy: I’m sorry… I just got bored and…
Roy: Thank you…
Brendan: Wanna have fun?
Roy and Galapagus: SURE!



Aliens UsedEdit

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