Desert Heat
Sharp Jaws in the Desert of death
Season 3, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 01-08-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Brendan and Leo! Heroes United! Master Control
Desert Heat is the first episode of season 3 of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix  and is the twenty-seventh episode altogether...


Brendan and friends get lost in an unbearably hot desert.

The Episode

[Brendan is in the form The Emergency Alien, Galapagus and Roy are fighting Mysterious Caped Man]
Galapagus: I thought Brendan was going for Grantzelle!
Roy: I know, what happened?
[Inside the Emergency Alien, Brendan is negotiating with Serena and Bellicus.]
Serena: Why did you leave us?
Bellicus: Yeah! Why?
Brendan: Uhhh…
Bellicus: As punishment, I move that we send Brendan and his friends to the hottest desert in the universe!
Brendan: What?
Serena: Motion carried!
[Brendan and CO are teleported to the desert of death.]
Brendan: This is the last time I use The Emergency Alien…


Galapagus: God it’s so hot here!
Brendan: I know! [Turns into Chillax.]
Roy: You are such a jerk!
Galapagus: I know! Where’s our ice cold alien powers?
Chillax: Uhh…

[They are walking through the desert.]
Chillax: We can make it if we all stick together.
[They are seen starting to tire out.]
Chillax: We won’t give up not ever.
[They are on their knees.]
Chillax: And everythings gonna be alright!
[They are now crawling.]
Chillax: We will bring out…, the best things… in each other…
[They are now lying down.]
Chillax: Together… we are… stronger… then anyone else can… be on their own…
[Galapagus and Roy faint.]
Chillax: Can’t stop… us because… together we… are strong! [faints.]
[Brendan and CO are in a camp, Magister Patelliday and Blukic and Driba are looking at Brendan.]
Magister Patelliday: Are you alright?
Brendan: Yeah…
Blukic: You were about to die!
Driba: Yeah! So I decided to help you!
Blukic: No I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Driba: I did!
Blukic: I did!
Magister Patelliday: Stop, please…
Brendan: Well, what are you doing here anyway?
Magister Patelliday: Our ship crashed and we got stranded here…
Brendan: Oh…
Magister Patelliday: Anyway, we need you to get a piece of our spaceship in order to get home.
Brendan: Got it! [He runs out.]
Magister Patelliday: Wait I haven’t told you where… it is… [sighs.] Kids these days…
[Brendan punches the Modelatrix, he turns into a fish with teeth, he has turned into a Picicess Volann!]
Sharp Jaws: Ohh… A NEW ALIEN! YES!
[Sharp Jaws walks through the desert, suddenly he falls onto his knees.]
Sharp Jaws: [gasps] What? [gasps] Why can’t I [gasps] breathe!
[Suddenly, Galapagus and Roy come to Sharp Jaws.]
Galapagus: Brendan are you alright?
Sharp Jaws: [gasps]
Roy: Galapagus! Do we have any water?
Galapagus: Yes… [Gets a bottle, but it has leaked however.]
Galapagus: Well, we had water…
Sharp Jaws: What? [gasps.] No water? [gasps.]
Galapagus: Yep, but I forgot it.
[Suddenly, the Modelatrix times out, Brendan is back to normal.]
Brendan: Whew! That was bad.
Roy: Yeah…
Galapagus: I agree…
[Suddenly, there’s a ship that flies over…]
Galapagus: Brendan! Look! A ship!
[They are taken into it.]
Brendan: Whew! But what about Magister Patelliday?
Magister Patelliday: [offscreen.] Here!
Brendan: If there was a ship coming anyway? Why did you ask me to get you a piece of a ship for your ship?
Magister Patelliday: Uhh…
Brendan: AARRGGHH!! [Turns into Sharp Jaws and begins to Fight Patelliday.]
Galapagus: Guys… GUYS! GUYS!!!
[Sharp Jaws and Magister Patelldiay stop fighting.]
Galapagus: Hi!
Sharp Jaws: Now if you excuse me I’m going to get some water…



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