Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Modelatrix Alien
Physical attributes
Height 3.00ft
Weight 9 stone
Crystalshard is the Modelatrix's DNA sample of Flashwing.


She looks like Flashwing but with a blue shirt and navy pants.


Crystalshard can launch crystal shards from her tail spike at enemies, like a scorpion shooting poison spikes. She can also twirl around, hitting enemies with her crystalline wings, and summon a large crystal from the ground to allow light to beam through it and streak enemies surrounding it. Crystalshard also has an amazing, ultra-wide-range area-of-effect that dramatically increases the damages she can dish out. On top of that, she also has a superb ranged attack that not only has knockback, but she can use healing crystals to heal herself.


Despite being a DNA sample from a princess of light, she cannot teleport to the outside of the universe without a Princess Stone.


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