Cartoon Chaos
Oh no! It's LJN!
Season 2, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date 28-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Cartoon Chaos is the Twenty-second episode altogether and is the nineth episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan sees a cartoon that makes Brendan's aliens look like a joke.

The EpisodeEdit

Cartoon Chaos

[A cartoon is on, a guy with something like a Modelatrix, a turtle and an armadillo type-person

Guy that looks like Brendan: Well I don’t show off don’t criticize!]
Turtle: Well I don’t look back I don’t need to!
Evil Villain: Time will wait and I’ve got so much to do!
Armadillo person: Place all your bets on the one you think is right!
[Every cheers for the Guy that looks like Brendan.]
Guy that looks like Brendan: Yeah!
Turtle: It doesn’t matter now what happens I will never give up the fight!
Armadillo person: There’s no way I will ever give up!
[The guy that looks like Brendan turns into Starrydactyl, They get their butt kicked easily.]
Evil Villain: There is no way I will give up till the, very end!
[Brendan was watching this on TV.]
Roy: Someone’s going to die.
Brendan: Yeah…


[They are at a company called LJN Toys, Limited.]
Brendan: Right! Let’s break in!
Roy: Got it!
[Brendan turns into a new alien, he has 3 eyes, and looks like a lizard, he has turned into a Merlinisapien!]
Inlizarble: Alright! Umm… What should I do?
Roy: I dunno…
[Inlizarble tries out his powers, he turns invisible.]
Inlizarble: Alright!
[Inlizarble sneaks in, he sneaks in one of the Employee elevators with 2 employees.]
Employee #1: Hey? What sonic song should we use for the lines next?
Employee #2: How about Unknown from ME?
Employee #1: Nah! How about throw it all away?
Employee #2: Yeah!
Inlizarble: [in mind.] Great, a really bad itch.
Employee #1: How about the chorus!
Elevator announcer: The elevator will be shut down for updates.
Inlizarble: [whispering] Oh come on!
[A time card that says 5 minutes later shows, then it shows Inlizarble trying to get rid of the itch without his hands.]
Inlizarble: [whispering] This itch is really driving me crazy!
Employee #2: Hey! Why don’t we jump in the elevator!
Employee #1: Sounds good to me!
Inlizarble: [yelling] I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! [He scratches his face so much it leaves claw marks across his face.]
[The two employees jump in the elevator so much it breaks the cable!]
Inlizarble: Ack! [Inlizarble turns into Dragonflight, destroying the elevator and removing the claw marks.]
Dragonflight: Ow! Ow! Right! Now to get some questions answered! [Turns into Starrydactyl.]
Starrydactyl: [Flies up to the top floor.]
Starrydactyl: I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fun day!
[At the top floor, a guy names Jack Friedman is laughing with his employees.]
Jack: Hey! Why don’t we make a really bad game about Brendan?
Employee #2: Oh! Oh! Maybe release on iOS?
Jack: Yeah! Anyone’s gullible enough to buy that!
Starrydactyl: Can you tell me why you made that stupid cartoon?
Jack: Sorry, but I don’t know we are simply natural.
Jack: I have no idea…

[Meanwhile, at the bottom floor, Galapagus and Roy are submitting a complaint.]
Galapagus: There we go!
Roy: Why can’t we just go-
Announcer: A dragon has just destroyed an elevator.
Roy: [sighs] Brendan did it again…
Galapagus: Yep…
[Brendan, now as Tetrahands, demands an apology.]
Jack: Tough! You’re not getting it!
[Brendan turns into Hyperspeed, who KO’s his employees.]
Hyperspeed: [He turns into Mr. Turtle, who ties Jack to a rope and flies him above the street!]
Mr. Turtle: Good!
Jack: Not! [He breaks free, turns Mr. Turtle back into Brendan and jumps back into the studio.]
Brendan: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! [He turns into Shockerfish.]
Shockerfish: Grr…
[Shockerfish is seen walking out of LJN Toys, Limited with his friends. Then LJN Toys, Limited explodes.]
Galapagus: Brendan why? We just sent a complaint about it!
Shockerfish: Oh…
Roy: You are such a jerk…
Galapagus: How can you say that when you about to say “Why can’t we just go up there and beat them?”
Roy: Galapagus, please… I’m half Arburian Pelarota, they thought I was an Armadillo!
Shockerfish: Guys! Let’s just go home now…
Roy: Right…
Galapagus: Okay then…



Aliens UsedEdit


  • The lines in the cartoon are from It Doesn't Matter, Sonic's theme on Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.
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