Brendan Coliseum
The Coliesum!
Season 2, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 26-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Ageriffic Brendan on ice
Brendan Coliseum is the twentieth episode altogether and is the seventh episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan accidently enters a Coliseum and is mistaken for the owner.

The EpisodeEdit

Brendan Coliseum

Brendan: Hmm… Let’s see what to do today…
[Suddenly, an agent comes along,]
Agent: Hey you! Get over here!
Brendan: Huh? What?
Agent: You’re the owner of this coliseum!
Brendan: What coliseum?
Agent: Just look!
[He sees a leaflet saying “The owner and his friends must do 10 torturous challenges or he will lose ownership to the opponent!]
Brendan: Well guess who’s going to lose…


Galapagus: Where’s Brendan?
Roy: He probably ditched us…
Galapagus: No, he would never!
Roy: Ugh… I’m so bored…
[Roy’s phone begins ringing, Roy picks it up.]
Roy: Okay bye! [Runs off, a man walks to Galapagus.]
Man: Can you help me please?
Galapagus: Sure! What would you like help with?

[Galapagus comes out of the man’s house feeling unwell.]
Galapagus: Augh… WHAT KIND OF SICK PERSON WAS HE? Anyway I gotta get to Roy! [Flies off.]
[Brendan is at the coliseum.]
Brendan: Here we go!
Agent: You need 2 partners!
Brendan: They’ll be here!
[Galapagus and Roy land behind Brendan.]
Roy: Are you okay Galapagus? You don’t look so well…
Galapagus: I think I’m gonna be sick.
Roy: What happened?
Galapagus: [whispers in Roy’s ear.]
Brendan: We apparently have to fight do 10 challenges!

[Round 1 begins, Brendan is going to fight a Dragon.]
Brendan: I know the perfect alien! [Turns into Bug Bomber.]
Bug Bomber: I wanted Dragonflight, but Bug Bomber works too!
[Bug Bomber fights the Dragon, he uses a plasma ball to launch at the Dragon, it fails, the Dragon launches himself at Bug Bomber, who gets hit and hits a wall, Bug Bomber gets back on his feet and launches another plasma ball, which still fails, the Dragon launches himself at Bug Bomber again, Bug Bomber notices a spiked wall behind him, Bug Bomber dodges. The Dragon crashes into the spiked wall before the camera switches to Galapagus and Roy, who cringe at the Dragon.]

[Round 2, Brendan is having to get out of room half-full with magma]
Brendan: Whatever! [Punches the Modelatrix and turns into Icyguana, who freezes the magma.]
Icyguana: Piece of cake! [He jumps down, one of his back legs makes a hole in the ice, Icyguana yells in pain.]

[Round 3, Brendan is having to sword fight Galapagus.]
Galapagus: Ugh… [The camera switches to Galapagus’s point of view, which is very drowsy, the camera switches back to the coliseum, Galapagus holds his stomach in pain.]
Galapgasu: I… can’t do this… [Collapses.]

[Round 4, Roy is having to get out of a tank full of water.]
Roy: [He turns into an Arburian Pelarota and breaks the glass…]

[Round 5, Galapagus is forced to eat 1 ton of ice cream.]
Galapagus: Ugh… Noo… NOOOO! [Gets off his chair and goes under the table, off screen he vomits.]

[Round 6, Brendan is playing Minecraft on Hardcore.]
Brendan: Wait a minute! I DON’T OWN MINECRAFT!

[Round 7, Brendan is seen fighting a Vulpimancer.]
Brendan: Easy! [Turns into Cyber-Morph.]
Cyber-Morph: Do you hate me Modelatrix?
[The Vulpimancer launches himself at Cyber-Morph, who is KO’d in seconds.]

[Round 8, Roy is in his Arburian Pelarota form, he has to break jars.]
Roy: This is easy!

[Round 9, Galapagus has to eat nails, without any milk.]
Galapagus: Ugh… I hate this job…
[The camera switches to the crowd covering their eyes. Then the camera switches to Galapagus running out of the coliseum crying.]

[Round 10, Brendan, Galapagus and Roy are about to fight something.]
Brendan: What is it?
Galapagus: [Getting the last nail out his mouth.] Please be something that’s not food related!
[It turns out to be a target.]
Brendan: What?
Galapagus: YES!
Roy: That’s it?
Brendan turns into Burning Bush, who burns the target, he turns back into Brendan.]
Brendan: Well that was easy!
Agent: You’re not the owner are you?
Brendan: No…
Agent: Get outta here…
Brendan: Okay…
[Brendan, Galapagus and Roy leave the Coliseum.]



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