Brendan's Adventure is Brendan's first original piece of fiction, set to be released on the PC with RPG Maker VX Ace, it will also be an anime.

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Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ (TV SIZE)

The theme song is Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ from the Graces Arc of Brendan's Tales Series and Tales of Graces

Think of days with no hope so alone in the dark I cried so many tears 
Now I know now I know the page was turning chapter one in my book of love

But you came and you showed me that dreams can come true 
I want you to know my heart glows from your touch 
In your arms all my pain inside washes right through 
Together we'll find the way 

I believe your love I believe in our love 
No matter what I know our aim is true 
Every step we take our love will grow stronger 
I wish that two hearts could be one 

I wish that two hearts could be one

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Brendan, GO!

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