Airy Airy Quite Contrary
The Leaflet!
Season 2, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 21-07-13
Written by Brendan McDarby
Directed by Brendan McDarby
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Airy, Airy Quite Contrary is the eighteenth episode altogether and is the fifth episode of the second season of Brendan, wielder of the Modelatrix.


Brendan goes in a flying race.

The EpisodeEdit

Brendan: I’m bored…
Galapagus: Me too…
Roy: Yeah…
[A leaflet falls on Galapagus’s face, when he takes it off, he sees that’s it’s a race for flying aliens!]
Galapagus: Wow! A flying alien race!
Brendan: I know!
Roy: Who should we enter?
Brendan: Dragonflight!
Galapagus: Me!
Brendan: I think we should both enter the race?
Roy: What about me?
Galapagus: You can watch!
Roy: Ugh…
Brednan: Where is it held?
Galapagus: At Aeropela!
Brendan: Umm… Anyone else having second thoughts?
Roy: Why?
Brendan: I mean do you have any idea how vicious the storms are there?
Roy: Umm, no.
Galapagus: Not really…
Did you not read the “Planets” part of the ALFD?
Roy: No…
Galapagus: Oh! Another place for It is being held!
Brendan: What?
Roy: A world called Chalybeas!
Brendan: Wow! Look at the racetracks!
Galapagus: I know!
Roy: Let’s go!
Brendan: What’s the prize?
Galapagus: Anything!
Brendan: Okay…

[They go on a ship to Chalybeas.]
Roy: Galapagus are you sure you know how to drive a ship?
Galapagus: Yep! [Crashes in the side of an asteroid.]
Roy: Okay then…

[They reach Chalybeas.]
Citrakayah #1: Did you mean to enter the race?
Brendan: Yes, [signs the form.]
Galapagus: Me too, [signs the form.]
Citrakayah #1: Right, get on your starting positions.

[Five hours later… They are ready, an Aerophibian, and a Necrofriggian are also in the race.]
Citrakayah #1: Ready!
[Brendan punches the Modelatrix and turns into Dragonflight.]
Citrakayah #1: Aw forget it go!
[The 4 aliens begin flying, they fly under a sign that says “GO THROUGH THE HOOPS!” Galapagus misses all of them, Dragonflight cannot fit through them, while the Necrofriggian and Aerophibian go through with ease, then there is a passage way, Dragonflight can barely fit through this and ends up being in first place, the other 3 contestants are complaining about Dragonflight’s size]
Necrofriggian: [Goes intangible.]
Galapagus: Your making us lose!
Dragonflight: Sorry!
[Then it’s the finish line! Everyone is stoked!]
Necrofriggian: I’m gonna win!
[Then suddenly, the Mysterious Caped Man gets the Necrofriggian…]
Mysterious Caped Man: Ha ha! I knew sneaking on Brendan’s ship would be funny!
[The other 3 contestants come out of the passage way, with the Aerophibian being taken away.
Galapagus: Do you wanna win?
Dragonflight: Nah I think you should win!
Galapagus: No… I really think you should win!
Dragonflight: Nah you should win!
Galapagus: No! I want you to win!
Dragonflight: Please I think you should win!
[Mysterious Caped Man gets Galapagus.]
Dragonflight: [Noticing Galapagus is gone…] Oh well… In that case… [crosses the finish line.]
Citrakayah #1: BRENDAN WINS!
Dragonflight: YAY!
Citrakayah #1: Where are the other 3 contestants?
[Dragonflight sees that the Mysterious Caped Man took Dragonflight’s ship with the 3 contestants.]
Dragonflight: Kidnapped…
Citrakayah #1: Oh no! But you can save them right?
Dragonflight: By the time I get to them they’ll be in space…
Citrakayah #1: Oh well… Anyway! Before you save them, What do you want?
Dragonflight: A trophy!
Citrakayah #1: You’ll get one of those anyway…
Dragonflight: How about a ship to get me home?
Citrakayah #1: Okay then!

[They are at a ship, Brendan uses it to go home.]

[Back at Brendan’s house, he sees the Mysterious Caped Man with the 3 contestants.]
Brendan: Umm… Let them go?
Mysterious Caped Man: Not until you give me the trophy!
Galapagus: No! You won that fair and square!
Aerophibian: No he didn’t!
Necrofriggian: He cheated!
Brendan: [Turns into Blobby.]
Blobby: Come on! Try and fight me!
Mysterious Caped Man: Got it! [Punches Blobby, but his hand goes right through him.]
Blobby: HA! HA! [Wraps the Mysterious Caped Man so hard he becomes unconscious due to lack of air.]
Blobby: [Turns back into Brendan.]
Brendan: I’m sorry for taking advantage of you being missing.
Aerophibian: I don’t forgive you, [breaks free easily.]
Necrofriggian: I agree, [breaks free easily.]
[The Aerophibian and Necrofriggian use Brendan’s old spaceship to go home.]
Galapagus: Do you feel like were missing something?
Brendan: Umm…

[On Chalybeas, Roy is yelling at the sky.]



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